68nF 50V Ceramic Capacitor
68nF 50V Ceramic Capacitor

  • 68nF 50V Ceramic Capacitor

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Perfect for increasing RGH boot time of Big Block Jaspers (256/512) and other problematic Phat Xbox's.

Quality ceramic coating guarantees high moisture resistance and a wide operating temperature range. Operating tolerance ± 10%.

0.068uF / 68nF Rating.


  • RiDisc 4x White Full Face Printable Blu-Ray BD-R (10 Pack)

    Affordable recordable Blu-Ray discs are here! RiDisc has always been the brand you can trust to bring you quality at a decent price, and now they've expanded the range to include these new Blu-Ray media.

    Blu-Ray burners are constantly falling in price and are now a realistic prospect for those seeking to build a middle-to-high-end PC including a Blu-Ray Burner, providing an excellent backup facility.

    These discs come in a 10 pack spindle and are single layer 25gb blu-ray media.

  • Xbox 360 Hitachi / Samsung Laser SF-HD63

    New replacement laser for the Hitachi GDR-3210 and also the Samsung TS-H943 MS25 / MS28. Much cheaper than buying a new DVD drive !

    SF-HD63 laser will NOT replace the SF-HD67 laser and SF-HD67 laser will NOT replace the SF-HD63.

    This laser can appear in either the Hitachi GDR-3120L or Samsung TS-H943 drives. To determine which laser you need, remove the laser, turn it over, and find the model number inscribed on the back of the laser as shown here.

    If your system has the following symptoms:

    System shows a message "Disc Read Errors" or disc appears damaged or dirty on the screen.
    System reads certain games or movies.
    System loads games or movies longer than normal.
    System reads games or movies and seems to be frozen or skipping.

    Changing to a new Xbox 360 laser lens will bring your system back to normal again.

    For instructions on how to remove the anti-static protection on the laser (location of the point may differ on different lasers) - CLICK HERE

    For instructions on how to calibrate / fine tune the laser - CLICK HERE

    IMPORTANT: The warranty applies only if the product has not been opened, soldered, modified etc. by the end user. Lasers require installation which also involves the un-soldering of the anti-static point and calibration which can easily damage the product if not done correctly. Therefore, they are not falling under our warranty rules, and can not be exchanged/returned.

  • XCM 360 Wireless Controller Shell With New D-PAD - Pink Lady

    This XCM Shell for Xbox 360 wireless controllers has been designed with a easy grip white finish.

    Complete with an LED kit set that also lights up the 4 colored X, A, B, Y buttons (BLUE, GREEN, RED and YELLOW), which requires you to solder 3 simple wires.

    The XCM D-PAD has been redesigned and optimized. The new XCM wireless controller shell uses a much larger D-PAD with more room to allow the D-PAD to move more when using it. This will make sure you do not accidentally hit another direction on the D-PAD while trying to access something else. For example when switching weapons on most first person shooters.


    • Easy Grip White
    • XCM D-PAD has been redesigned and optimized
    • Includes LED kit (Optional Install)
    • Increased D-PAD accuracy

    Product Contents

    • Controller Shell
    • D-Pad
    • D-Pad mount
    • L and R buttons
    • L and R triggers
    • Select and Start buttons
    • XBOX Home button
    • XBOX Sync button
    • Screws
    • LED Wires Kit
    • Torx screw driver

    Installation Instructions

    Manufacturer Code: 360-XWCSDPB

  • 2ft USB 2.0 A Male to Micro USB Cable

    2ft USB 2.0 A Male to Micro USB Cable

    • Micro-USB cable for connecting 5-pin
    • Micro-USB devices to computer's USB port
    • Compatible with select digital cameras, cell phones, PDAs, and MP3 players
    • Full Data Capability (For CronusMAX / ControllerMAX programming)
    • Compliant with USB2.0 standard and backward compliant with USB1.1 standard
    • Support High speed data rate up to 480Mbps and full speed data rate 12Mbps
    • Foil and braid shielding minimizes EM and RF interference
    • Twisted-pair construction reduces crosstalk to ensure high-speed, error-free transfer
    • Measures 0.3m / 2 feet long
    • Color: Black
  • Analog Thumbsticks with D-Pad for Xbox 360 Controller - Light Blue

    Bring your controller back to 100% performance with these brand new replacement analog thumbsticks with D-pad for your Xbox 360 controller. Color match your painted controller or just add them for extra bling.

    Fits both wired and wireless Xbox 360 controllers. Even fits original Xbox controllers.


    • High quality pair of thumbsticks and a D-pad
    • Compatible with all Xbox 360 controllers
    • Compatible with all Xbox controllers
    • Replace your chipped, cracked, or broken thumbstick and D-pad
    • Different colors for that extra cool factor
    • Easy to install
    • Get back to gaming comfortably
    • Cheapest way to restore your controller to 100% performance
    • High quality manufacturing - no cheap knock offs !
    • Material: ABS
    • Color: Clear Blue

    Package Includes:

    • 2 x Thumbsticks
    • 1 x D-pad

    Note: Torx 8 Security and Phillips Screwdriver required for controller installation.


    These are the special K-Pads that are supplied with all Xecuter RROD Pro Repair Kits.

    The Red Ring of Death (RROD) syndrome can be a common problem and renders your console unusable. The Team Xecuter RROD K-Pad fix consists of specially formulated heat pads that fit over the memory modules that commonly break and lose their connection, thereby renewing the connection. This bulk pack contains 40 K-Pads, enough pads to repair 10 Xbox 360 consoles. It is designed for customers who need to repair a lot of machines and have all the tools available.
    Manufactured using a special extra tough material that has an extremely high heat tolerance (K-Value), these are used to replace the 4 stock memory pads on an Xbox 360 and help stop most RROD issues (e74, e79, 0021 etc)
    There are 40 pcs in each pack (4 used on each Xbox 360 - so enough for 10 Xbox's)

    Perfect for increasing RGH / R-JTAG boot times. Used with CR3 Lite, CR3 Pro, R-JTAG, DGX & RGX dev boards.

    Quality ceramic coating guarantees high moisture resistance and a wide operating temperature range. Operating tolerance ± 10%.

    0.047nF / 47pF Rating.

  • Datawrite 8x Dual Layer DVD+R DL (25 Pack)

    These double layer discs have a branded red top surface and have been tested to be highly compatible with DVD players and Video Game Consoles.

    Double-layer media has a capacity of 8.5GB, this equates to 240 minutes of video in standard play mode.

    SEP (Super Extended Play): 960 min
    SLP (Super Long Play): 720 min
    EP (Extended Play): 480 min
    LP (Long Play): 360 min
    SP (Standard Play): 240 min
    HQ (High Quality Play): 120 min

    We always recommend that customers keep the firmware on their DVD writers up to date. This is especially true in the case of double layer media as a large number reported problems we receive are due to out of date firmware.

  • Bulkpaq 52x 80min CD-R (50 Pack)

    These 52x 80 Minute Bulkpaq-branded CD-Recordable discs are manufactured by CMC Magnetics, one of the world's biggest optical-disc manufacturing companies. CMC also produce discs on behalf of many of the "big name" companies, so they have vast experience in this area. Bulkpaq's value meets CMCs quality, and these discs are a fantastic bargain for what you're getting. It may be an "economy" brand , but buying these Bulkpaq discs will ensure you have top-notch quality at extremely competitive prices. Make the right choice, choose Bulkpaq for all your video and data storage needs.

    In common with the standard (non-CMC) Bulkpaq discs, this one has a similar appearance which includes the silvery surface that gives it a professional finish.

    Discs come in "cellowrap" (cellophane-wrapped) packs of 50.



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