68nF 50V Ceramic Capacitor
68nF 50V Ceramic Capacitor

  • 68nF 50V Ceramic Capacitor

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Perfect for increasing RGH boot time of Big Block Jaspers (256/512) and other problematic Phat Xbox's.

Quality ceramic coating guarantees high moisture resistance and a wide operating temperature range. Operating tolerance ± 10%.

0.068uF / 68nF Rating.


  • RiDisc 2x 1.4Gb Mini DVD-RW (10 Pack)

    The RiDisc 1.4GB 2x Mini DVD-RW (10 Pack) media is an excellent recordable blank media option to accompany your DVD camcorder. In addition to being able to assist your camcorder to create quality video recordings, these mini DVD-RW’s are also capable of being read by most DVD drives that have the appropriate slot for a mini DVD. This allows you to access, edit, and archive your digital video or even photos on the disc. At CK3, we have this RiDisc product on sale for an inexpensive cost.

    Each of the RiDisc 1.4GB 2x Mini DVD-RW media products consists of a 10-pack cake box. Within the box are mini DVD-RW discs – a DVD of the “-RW” format means it is capable of being rewritten recording after recording, which is perfect for someone looking to record videos frequently without the need of keeping them in the long run. Moreover, these mini DVD-RW’s come with a storage capacity of 1.4GB, which interprets as about 30 minutes of DVD-quality video content.


    10 Ohm, Lead free, carbon film, through-hole resistor. Used when fine tuning many RGH/JTAG installs.
    Resistance: 10 Ohms
    Power (Watts): 0.25W, 1/4W
    Composition: Carbon Film
    Temperature Coefficient: 350ppm/Celcius
    Tolerance: +/- 5%
    Case: Axial
    Size: 0.094" Dia x 0.248" L (2.40mm x 6.30mm)
    Number of Terminations: 2
  • XCM Xbox 360 Hard Drive Shell - Chrome

    Give the top of your Xbox 360 a sleek, modern look with this Chrome XCM Xbox 360 Hard Drive Shell. This beautiful chrome hard drive shell will significantly enhance the overall design of your gaming console, giving it a wicked eye-catching appearance Installation is pretty simple. Just use the screwdriver that comes with the Chrome Shell Kit, take the 360 Hard Drive out of it's original shell, and plug it into your new Hard Drive Shell. It's that simple!


    • Compatible with all Xbox 360 (Phat models)
    • Gorgeous Chrome Appearance
    • Incredibly Easy to Install
    • Comes w/ Screwdriver for Easy Modification
  • Analog Thumbsticks with D-Pad for Xbox 360 Controller - Clear Blue

    Bring your controller back to 100% performance with these brand new replacement analog thumbsticks with D-pad for your Xbox 360 controller. Color match your painted controller or just add them for extra bling.

    Fits both wired and wireless Xbox 360 controllers. Even fits original Xbox controllers.


    • High quality pair of thumbsticks and a D-pad
    • Compatible with all Xbox 360 controllers
    • Compatible with all Xbox controllers
    • Replace your chipped, cracked, or broken thumbstick and D-pad
    • Different colors for that extra cool factor
    • Easy to install
    • Get back to gaming comfortably
    • Cheapest way to restore your controller to 100% performance
    • High quality manufacturing - no cheap knock offs !
    • Material: ABS
    • Color: Clear Blue

    Package Includes:

    • 2 x Thumbsticks
    • 1 x D-pad

    Note: Torx 8 Security and Phillips Screwdriver required for controller installation.


    A case opening kit for Xbox 360 Slim, using the best steel for molding, specially designed for unlocking the Xbox 360 Slim console.

    This handy package contains everything you need to open up the Xbox 360 Slim without damaging the case.

    As the Xbox 360 is sealed shut, it cannot be opened using conventional tools such as screwdrivers. These tools are useful should you wish to repair your 360, or fit it with a new case.

    Also Includes Torx T8 & T10 screwdriver.

    Video Tutorial:


    Perfect for increasing RGH / R-JTAG boot times. Used with CR3 Lite, CR3 Pro, R-JTAG, DGX & RGX dev boards.

    Quality ceramic coating guarantees high moisture resistance and a wide operating temperature range. Operating tolerance ± 10%.

    0.047nF / 47pF Rating.

  • Datasafe 12x 80Min CD-RW (10 Pack)

    Datasafe are well known for their range of optical media. It is their area of expertise and their products have been market leaders in this area for several years.

    This disc is a (12x) 80 minute 700MB CD-RW disc that can be used on all modern CD or DVD writers.

    The top surface of this disc is a white overprint with a black stripe and the Datasafe name and logo and a pre-lined area to write the disc contents.

  • Traxdata 8x Dual Layer DVD+R DL (10 Pack)

    Set to be our most popular 10 pack dual layer disc, this Traxdata 8x DVD offers 8.5GB of storage space. Regardless if you're recording movies, games or video this Traxdata DVD+DL disc is set to impress. The disc has a purple branded surface and the dye is one of the best on the market. Excellent compatibility with games consoles.

    The Traxdata brand is owned by the world-famous Ritek Corporation, so with these double-layer discs you're getting Ritek's famous quality at an excellent price! These discs are recordable at 8x speed and they come in the handy cakebox-type packaging so you have somewhere to store them!

    Double-layer media has a capacity of 8.5GB, this equates to 240 minutes of video in standard play mode.

    SEP (Super Extended Play): 960 min
    SLP (Super Long Play): 720 min
    EP (Extended Play): 480 min
    LP (Long Play): 360 min
    SP (Standard Play): 240 min
    HQ (High Quality Play): 120 min

    We always recommend that customers keep the firmware on their DVD writers up to date. This is especially true in the case of double layer media as a large number reported problems we receive are due to out of date firmware.

  • Xbox 360 Kinect TV Mounting Clip

    This Mounting Clip is the best design for mounting Xbox 360 Kinect on flat-panel HDTVs.

    The clip holds with the Kinect perfect position for Kinect sensor gameplay and features a wide range of adjustment.



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